In 2019, HarbourVest formalized our longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion, establishing a senior and cross-functional Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Council.

The Key Founding Principles of our D&I Council are:

  • Commitment to opportunity – to create a diverse and inclusive environment where employees can succeed and achieve their career goals.
  • Mutual respect – by respecting different viewpoints and being open to input and new ideas, even if they differ from those we’ve had historically.
  • Global strength – by finding strength in our differences and understanding and appreciating our uniqueness and how that can contribute to our success as a global organization.


The D&I Council’s core responsibility is to develop our strategy for building an inclusive and diverse workplace. As the firm has grown, we wanted to formalize our practices to ensure that we are building upon the proud heritage of diversity and inclusion at the firm.

Talent Acquisition

Talent Development

Gonçalo Faria Ferreira Investments

McComma (Mac) Grayson Investments

Sally Shan Investments

Amy Unckless Human Resources

Mark Reale Human Resources

Peter Wilson Executive Management

John Toomey Executive Management

Internal Programs

Rich Campbell Enterprise Continuous Improvement

Aliza Firestone Goren Legal & Regulatory

Craig Fowler Investments

Valérie Handal Investments

Katherine McCord Client Service

Amanda Outerbridge Investments

Alicia Sweeney Marketing & Communications

External Programs

Natasha Buckley ESG

Abigail Rayner Investments

Raj Senapati Investments

Sanjiv Shah Investments

"Our culture is critical to helping ensure we provide our clients with outcomes that meet their investment objectives. We have long believed that diversity of thought is central to our success, and the D&I Council was established to ensure we continue building upon our proud heritage of diversity and inclusion. As the firm’s strong growth in recent years reflects, a sustained focus on inclusion empowers our team and is vital to staying true to our values."

John Toomey and Peter Wilson Executive Management Committee


  • Ensure broad candidate pools and unbiased hiring decisions to attract strong and diverse talent. Create, improve, and monitor systems within the candidate workflow – from sourcing, through onboarding, to retention.
  • Develop specialized development programs that are global in scope, and are focused on maximizing awareness, better leadership, and elevating a strong and diverse workforce.
  • Create a shared understanding, appreciation, and commitment to diversity and inclusion within firm policies and practices.
  • Facilitate and expand external network engagement and program leadership.




HarbourVest advocates for increased diversity and inclusion across private markets. Our senior leaders are members of and hold board and advisory positions with NAIC, AAAIM, SEO, and Level20.

In addition to those noted above, we also participate in All Raise, Boston Women in Private Equity, National Association of Securities Professionals (NASP), The New America Alliance, Pride in Our Workplace, Private Equity Women Investor Network (PEWIN), The Massachusetts Conference for Women, The Robert Toigo Foundation, PEI’s Women in PE Forum, and the Women’s Alternative Investment Summit.

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