HarbourVest has built a strong foundation to help ensure that ESG factors continue to be integrated across all aspects of our business. Our ESG Council has been established to advise the Executive Management Committee (EMC) on the ongoing strategic implementation of our ESG Policy.

Chris Walker Investments, Chair

As Council chair, Chris focuses on setting ESG strategy and driving a coordinated approach to ensure implementation across the firm.

Emily Archer Investor Relations

Emily regularly engages with clients, prospects, and consultants to promote ESG best practices, share relevant insights and firm initiatives, and represent investor views across the organization.

Natasha Buckley ESG

As head of ESG, Natasha focuses on the company’s overall strategy and works closely with our external and internal stakeholders to advance the principles of sustainable investing.

Julie Eiermann

Data & Analytics

Julie and her team work to provide the tools and data that help the firm’s investment teams incorporate ESG considerations into their diligence and processes.

McComma (Mac) Grayson Investments

As the lead investment representative on the Council, Mac oversees the coordination of ESG-focused activities and initiatives across our global primary, secondary, and direct co-investment teams.

James Kase Investor Relations

Jamie solicits and delivers key market feedback from clients on ESG initiatives and deliverables to ensure that our activities are aligned with prevailing ESG concerns and considerations.

Katherine McCord Client Service

Katherine leads our Global Volunteering Group, which coordinates employee volunteering and community engagement efforts for all HarbourVest offices worldwide.

Diana McEachern Office Management

Diana and her global team focus on ensuring ESG best practices and driving related efficiency improvements across the firm’s global operations.

Mark Reale Human Resources

Mark oversees corporate and employee engagement in the areas of resource conservation, corporate giving, community engagement, and diversity and inclusion.

Jonathan Sidi Legal & Regulatory

Jonathan advises the Council on its internal governance as well as on the legal and regulatory aspects of its activity, with a focus on ESG-related regulations.

Alicia Sweeney Marketing & Communications

Alicia leads ESG and global communications strategy for the firm, working alongside our investment, operations, and investor relations teams to highlight relevant ESG initiatives and updates with clients and other external audiences.

John Toomey Executive Management

As one of the co-CEOs of HarbourVest, John provides senior-level executive support to the Council and holds it accountable to firm-wide objectives.

"Despite the turbulence of 2020, we maintained our focus on ESG as a top priority for the firm. I’m delighted by the progress that we have made and all the teamwork that goes behind it."

Chris Walker ESG Council Chair


Each of our investment strategy teams has at least one senior-level ESG Lead who serves as the group’s internal point person.

The ESG Leads work closely with our Head of ESG, Natasha Buckley, who is responsible for both executing and strengthening our overall program, and with our ESG Council chair Chris Walker.

McComma (Mac) Grayson Managing Director Primary Investments

Alex Barker Principal Primary Investments

Greg Ciesielski Managing Director Secondary Investments

Chad Bounds Vice President Secondary Investments

Matthew Cheng Principal Direct Co-Investments

Todd DeAngelo Vice President Direct Co-Investments

Richard Sterndale Associate Direct Co-Investments

Lee Incandela Principal Private Credit

Holland Davis Vice President Real Assets